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Family owned & operated.


SOCUR® INC. has always been family owned and operated.

As we have grown, we have been fortunate to add family members and people that feel like family to our crew.

 From production to customer service, our team is committed to delivering high quality to our end users.

We value the connection and support of each other and we sincerely hope your business can lean on us to help propel your growth.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional products and technical expertise.


All of our undercoat products are proudly made in the USA.


George Smith

Chief Technical Officer


Sarah Smith

Chief Financial Officer


William Deonier

Chief Operations Officer

SOCUR® INC. backstory:

From painting cars, to owning and operating in collision repair, to working in the corporate coatings world; George Smith has accumulated over 30 years of technical and operational knowledge in the collision repair industry.

With a focus on excellence and superior repair processes as well as an engaging and inspiring training system, George has created a name for himself within the industry as the technical expert in UV coatings for automotive refinish.

SOCUR® INC. truly represents the "American Dream" where risk, vision and perseverance can create success and revolutionize an industry.

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