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SOCUR INC. has an undercoat product for every layer of repair.


All SOCUR INC. products are :



single component

easy to use


cure instantly

have a flawless finish

UV Epoxy Primer

The worlds first UV cure epoxy primer.

Anti-corrosion epoxy primer cures instantly.

Available in aerosol and sprayable.

UV Body Fillers

Single component body fillers with varying viscosity for every size repair.

Use only what you need and put the rest back in the can.

Infinite wet edge time allows you to perfect your work before curing. 

LuxPrime - UV Primer


UV cure primer surfacer.

Buildable coverage and superior flawless finish.

Regular grey and DARK for all your priming needs.

Cures in seconds with the AC850 or AC500.

The ultimate product for reducing cycle time and improving the end finish. 

Available in sprayable and aerosol.

Specialty Products

UV cure gravel guard.

The first of its kind, you can create different textures by varying the psi settings on your spray gun.

Save time with easy texture matching.

Available in sprayable format only. 





The cult favorite for last minute small repairs.

Fix minor imperfections like pinholes and match blend panels in seconds with this easy to use putty. Cures in seconds.

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