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A high build UV cure body filler.

For professional use only.

What it is:


FirstFill™is the first ever single component ultraviolet curable high build body filler. 


With extended wet edge time and excellent feathering qualities; this body filler is ideal for HEAVY body work in automotive refinish.


It may be used on various automotive substrates such as most automotive plastics, aluminum, steel, galvanized substrates, old paint work and any non-reversible paint work.


Designed for use under any professional automotive paint system including waterborne.


The final cured product is immediately solvent stable and is non-porous.

Why you need it:

Reduce cycle times with undercoat products that are immediately cured.

Minimize redo's with solvent stable surfaces free of pinholes.

Maximize a more flawless paint finish with superior undercoat layer.