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UV curable undercoat products and processes will streamline and REVOLUTIONIZE

 the automotive refinish industry.

Undercoat technology has remained relatively unchanged in 50+ years.

Current Problems:

❌ minimum 2 component

❌ polyester or acrylic based

❌ have microballoons which generate pinholes

❌ limited wet-edge time

❌ rarely solvent stable

❌ generate waste

❌ often shrinks 


Cutting edge ultraviolet light technology, premium UV curable undercoat products and advanced technical processes come together to accelerate automotive refinishing to new unprecedented speeds.

Why SoCur™ undercoat products solve all of these problems:

✅ single component

✅ urethane based

✅ no microballoons or mixing means no more pinholes

✅ infinite* wet edge time

✅ immediately solvent stable post-cure

✅ does not shrink

✅ minimizes waste

✅ superior surface for prime and paint

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