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The most powerful UV LED lights available for automotive refinish.

No heat. No mercury. No ozone.


380 nm

This mini packs a punch. With 80 mW/cm2 irradiance, this unit will cure ChipFix2.0™ in 15 seconds. The perfect entry level light for those curious about UV cure.


Dual fire 365-415 nm

Take your spot cure to the next level. This powerful UV LED boasts an irradiance of 200 mW/cm2. This unit will cure ChipFix2.0™ and FinalFill™ in seconds. 1"x1" curing area. 20k hour bulb life. No heat. No mercury. No ozone.


365 nm

The most powerful UV LED unit available for automotive refinish. At 820 mW/cm2, this unit is unrivaled at curing performance. Instant cure for all SoCur Inc fillers. 5"x5" curing area. 20k hr bulb life. No heat. No mercury. No ozone.

The quality of your equipment drives the quality of your process.  


Instant cure is the standard, not the exception. 

Use SoCur Inc lights with confidence you will have the fastest and simplest bodywork process possible.