The Science behind the fastest cure available.


Let's begin by defining some important terms...

2k filler: Conventional automotive body fillers are typically polyester 2k. They require the  physical addition of a catalyst or "activator" be added to and mixed with the base resin. This is where the term 2k or 2 component is derived from. Upon addition of the activator, the polyester resin immediately begins to harden. It takes at minimum 24 hours for the mixed filler to harden or cure. Many facilities use a bake cycle or the addition of heat to speed up the chemical reaction.

Radiation cure resins: Fillers that require the input of either light energy or elecrton beams to drive the cure or hardening reaction.

Photoinitators: activate hardening and cure of resins with ultraviolet light energy

Ultraviolet light: light and energy emitted from the electromagnetic spectrum between 10nm and 400 nm. Humans eyes can only detect light emitted around 405 nm, which is why we associate the UV spectrum with deep violet and indigo pink colors.

UV light is further divided into 3 spectrums.




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